Thursday, May 07, 2015

Pouring Out

"I walk upon you with an ease,
as I am crossing over to other side,
with nothing but fear in my life,
I am walking through the darkest place,
searching for answers, for me to stay awake,
as the hands below reaching upon myself,
wanting to devour me with bitterness and hate...

It is destined that this journey, will last forever,
A journey filled with hardship and obstacle,
I am destined, for you to look down on me,
While I sit here and do nothing, crying on my knees,
I am destined for great things, I am destined for something,
But you will always be there, to belittle me,
You will always be there to stop me,
I am destined for bright future, a future full of hope,
that you will always be there too if you could,
taunting me with tricks in your sleeves,
but you will not ever stop me
even when I am crying, and could no longer breathe..."

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