Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good morning

Good day to all... Having a great day off and tomorrow heading back to work. Updating via mobile

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Freebies Set 4

Freebies Set 4 was scanned and edited by me. Enjoy!
Make sure to always credit these freebies. Please comment this post once you've save them.
Thank you

Living life ....

*edits with "ayujaded" watermark on them belongs solely to me.

It is finally the weekend!

I just love sitting here just thinking of random stuff. It has always been so tiring and there is nothing like spending it with your family. Coming back to blogger is not much of to boost my editing skills but to check out more on more talents. There is one thing I have yet to accomplish is to be able to edit my own blog theme. I am still clueless on how do I make one. I have tried before but it is simply frustrating.

That is why I love the Photoshop so much. I love creating these gifs and being able to share with those I know for such a long time and as well as new friends. I am still dying to know how to make those great blog themes that so many people have. The gifs you see in this post were made previously on Tumblr. It is a place fills with creativity and I could never embrace my love for Photoshop if it wasn't for Tumblr.

 Thank you

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Freebies Set 3

Here is another set of freebies and I scanned these envelopes and have them uploaded on my tumblr blog but sharing them here too. Please credit me back to this blog. Please comment if you've saved them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Freebies Set 2

Here are more freebies for all my followers. They are not mine but I edit them onto png. Enjoy!
(as usual - right-click your mouse and save them)

Freebies Set 1

They were made for my tumblr followers but since I am back blogging, I'd like to share them here too. Here is a free cute set for my followers for the New Year 2014. Feel free to use them in any way. Credit is much appreciated. Please comment this post after you've download them, please? Enjoy

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** more freebies at here and here

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Listen as Thy Weep - A Story

I grew up reading a lot of fantasy genre and it has always inspired me to write similar genre because I was so drawn into the whole idea of freedom and fighting towards what you believe in. I hope you enjoy it. I love to mix and go crazy with my writing style so bare with it, please? Thank you. PS - any edits that was marked ayujaded belongs to me.

The Gods were crying from the above and seeking innocent hands from poor old mortal souls. As I was to serve this Motherland, it will yield the betrayal of my kind. Neglected I shall but the above has grown wild. The suffering of my people
no longer could I bear...

The longing
The craving
Of help
They are lusting for
Will soon
Turn them
With much despair
No longer could I bear

The people of this kind motherland I was born for as soon as my tiny body lingers out of

My birth carrier
My mother
My life saver
who gave me life
So this kind motherland
Could have me as its protector

It yield more anger from the above as I straddle up, to face them to shut them up and I will tell them to leave us hell alone. And shall not this blood of mine would soon yield more anger towards the above who wants nothing but its richness
of my birth land and but to have nothing but its goodness of my homeland.

The people whom I was raised with were in battle but soon would claim victory. Nothing beats the immortal hearts that we mortals possessed and the above has sworn to bring disaster in the future but I shall not care, nor scare as I put an oath towards myself, that my descendant shall have my warrior blood to protect this motherland of my birth to protect this motherland of their birth.

Alsa Haslinda © 2014 Copyright

Lunch @ Shogun - One Utama

Had a great time with my colleagues and friends at Shogun over the weekend. I was stuffed!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Caught In The Act

this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Black Ribbons

Black ribbons
Clung through my skin like river's wide lullabies,
Leaving traces of blood dripping
While satiate words of your dissatisfaction
As my mortal and your immortal life shall be in collision

As I accentuate my lungs, while blowing off my horns
Wearing red silk gowns, all over town
Greeting in any hidden sin, but only to find
Your sick face with a pale grin
As you hover upon the lights of day
Trying to whisk my sanity away

And now written on these wooden floors
Are the riddles, to you evil heart?
As the bright lamp soon fade and has begun to discard
From the sight of my eyes

And drawings of my innocent hearts
Were painted black
As I am trying to recover, from your words
Of the dark, as you've conjured

For my destined to die, and soon it shall come nigh.

2006 (c) Alsa Haslinda

Post Raya Photos

It was a simple celebration and I do not really have that much relatives to visit I am blessed to have such an amazing family.

Welcome Home my Fallen Heroes

I love Photoshop!!

I miss creating GIFs and I do not edit as much because I have been too busy with work. Here are some GIFs I make since forever. I have been posting a lot on tumblr but since I haven't been updating this blog since the ancient time, there is no harm in posting them here. I do accept request from time to time but it depends whether I am free. I edit a lot of Paramore GIFs because I am always inspired with their music and not forgetting Ayumi Hamasaki. Enjoy! :) do not steal them though :) And full credit is a must.

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