Friday, August 22, 2014

Black Ribbons

Black ribbons
Clung through my skin like river's wide lullabies,
Leaving traces of blood dripping
While satiate words of your dissatisfaction
As my mortal and your immortal life shall be in collision

As I accentuate my lungs, while blowing off my horns
Wearing red silk gowns, all over town
Greeting in any hidden sin, but only to find
Your sick face with a pale grin
As you hover upon the lights of day
Trying to whisk my sanity away

And now written on these wooden floors
Are the riddles, to you evil heart?
As the bright lamp soon fade and has begun to discard
From the sight of my eyes

And drawings of my innocent hearts
Were painted black
As I am trying to recover, from your words
Of the dark, as you've conjured

For my destined to die, and soon it shall come nigh.

2006 (c) Alsa Haslinda

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