Saturday, August 30, 2014

Living life ....

*edits with "ayujaded" watermark on them belongs solely to me.

It is finally the weekend!

I just love sitting here just thinking of random stuff. It has always been so tiring and there is nothing like spending it with your family. Coming back to blogger is not much of to boost my editing skills but to check out more on more talents. There is one thing I have yet to accomplish is to be able to edit my own blog theme. I am still clueless on how do I make one. I have tried before but it is simply frustrating.

That is why I love the Photoshop so much. I love creating these gifs and being able to share with those I know for such a long time and as well as new friends. I am still dying to know how to make those great blog themes that so many people have. The gifs you see in this post were made previously on Tumblr. It is a place fills with creativity and I could never embrace my love for Photoshop if it wasn't for Tumblr.

 Thank you

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