Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Listen as Thy Weep - A Story

I grew up reading a lot of fantasy genre and it has always inspired me to write similar genre because I was so drawn into the whole idea of freedom and fighting towards what you believe in. I hope you enjoy it. I love to mix and go crazy with my writing style so bare with it, please? Thank you. PS - any edits that was marked ayujaded belongs to me.

The Gods were crying from the above and seeking innocent hands from poor old mortal souls. As I was to serve this Motherland, it will yield the betrayal of my kind. Neglected I shall but the above has grown wild. The suffering of my people
no longer could I bear...

The longing
The craving
Of help
They are lusting for
Will soon
Turn them
With much despair
No longer could I bear

The people of this kind motherland I was born for as soon as my tiny body lingers out of

My birth carrier
My mother
My life saver
who gave me life
So this kind motherland
Could have me as its protector

It yield more anger from the above as I straddle up, to face them to shut them up and I will tell them to leave us hell alone. And shall not this blood of mine would soon yield more anger towards the above who wants nothing but its richness
of my birth land and but to have nothing but its goodness of my homeland.

The people whom I was raised with were in battle but soon would claim victory. Nothing beats the immortal hearts that we mortals possessed and the above has sworn to bring disaster in the future but I shall not care, nor scare as I put an oath towards myself, that my descendant shall have my warrior blood to protect this motherland of my birth to protect this motherland of their birth.

Alsa Haslinda © 2014 Copyright

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