Monday, November 24, 2014

Surviving Garscata

This is my photo-manipulation Graphic for this week is just awesome! I still got it! I miss editing graphics and it felt great! I love Photoshop!!! This is an art for my Harry Potter Fanfiction and I am inspired to create more graphics again! I remembered I learn how to Photoshop just by reading text tutorials and I have to practice a whole lot to be able to do so. There weren't many videos available yet and I remembered clearly I had to print the tutorials and learn them myself. I was so determine because I love art and digital art was my only option to be able to edit or create them.

Photoshop Week!

This is my weekly Photoshop graphic editing. How do you like it?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Future Giveaway

ditaja oleh blog-blog Tumblr saya :)

(belum ditentukan jikalau tiada sambutan)

Saya telah membuat keputusan untuk mengadakan pertandingan banner di mana saya akan memberikan 5 pemenang bertuah "a set of 3 edits" dan mereka adalah: -

- Header (besar ) 850x250 (bergantung kepada size pilihan anda)
- Sidebar Badge (bergantung kepada size pilihan anda)
- Url banner ( 500px ) (bergantung kepada size pilihan anda)

Ia akan ditaja sepenuhnya oleh saya sendiri, ihsan dari blog Tumblr saya:-

- blog utama - ayujaded
- blog graphic - onestop-fansign

(segala resources yang digunakan untuk mengedit banner-banner bukan dimiliki saya dan ianya diedit sekadar untul hiburan sahaja)

Jika anda berminat, sila berikan komen-komen anda menyatakan anda berminat untuk menyertainya. Jikalau diberi respon yang baik, akan saya mulakan pertandingan tersebut :)

Contoh-contoh edits yang similar:-

example of a header
example of a sidebar badge
an example of a URL Banner

Monday, November 17, 2014

Edits for Norihan! Enjoy!

These edits were made for Norihan and I hope you like them! Enjoy yeah? So sorry it took me ages to get them done! Visit her blog for more daily rant! :)

Moving Polaroids!

made by me, both ayujaded and poetessemo

made by me, both ayujaded and poetessemo

I manage to edit moving Polaroids while I am free. It was pretty easy, since I know how to make GIFs in genereal but I have yet master the art of colouring! :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

more One Ok Rock

I am obsessed since the last album and while waiting for the new release of their brand new album next year, I will be editing more OOR.

made by me, ayujaded and poetessemo

Friday, November 07, 2014

One Ok Rock

I am absolutely in love with this band! I discovered them last year in November and love them ever since. I love them as a band in a whole, not your average "they are so hot." I really love how they sing both in English and Japanese. I am a huge fan of Japanese music but I do not know many of them. I will just discover more stuff along the way. Here are some GIFs I make so far.

made by me, ayujaded and poetessemo

made by me, ayujaded and poetessemo

made by me, ayujaded and poetessemo

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

more gifs

although I have never grew up listening to records but I love anything that is related to music. I would to listen to them like they did it in the movies and just play the vinyl until it stops. That's one of the dreams.

made by both ayujaded and poetessemo

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Welcome to my VIP page

This is a page dedicated to the bloggers I will meet throughout my time here on blogger. So far, I have met two amazing bloggers who have been so kind upon my returning to blogger. They have been so sweet and just super friendly and put up with my constant spamming. Haha. This will be a temporary page until I custom a new one once I have a bunch of them. I have a bunch of them on my Tumblr page too and they've been such dolls and most of them I've known for years. I would like to make more friends along the way here too


These are the benefits upon being listed into my VIP page.


My VIP Friends

  • They deserve to request any types of fan-signs, graphics, gifts or any type of edits they see or desire.
  • They’ve been supporting me for the longest time and I am thankful for their friendship!
  • And I dedicate this page for them.
  • DO NOT ask anyone on my VIP list to request a graphic on your behalf. I will not entertain.
  • Graphic requests are no longer available to the public or other followers.
  • More rules will be added until further notice.
These are the VIPs


Thank you for your support. This is only a temporary page until I could find a suitable one or until I figure out how blogger works.

Monday, November 03, 2014

More Harry Potter Obsession

I have way too many obsession so.... I make these edits ages ago but I love every single moment of it.

a gif taken from the movie and I added a brush tool of a postcard on it

another postcard-like gif

a pretty simple edit I make using the bean brush tool on Photoshop and animate them with less than 4 frames
My first "four in one" gif with a still png cut out on it. Also with Photoshop

Taylor Swift Obsession

I am dedicating this edit to a couple of my buddies on Tumblr :)

Thank you being such dolls and being so precious! >_<

**ps I do not know anyone else who love them as much as I do.

I am inspired to edit a lot of 80s theme featuring Taylor Swift. I did this one below because I did grew up in the 80s and I missed it so much.
**ps the edit above were all edit my me ayujaded and poetessemo

Saturday, November 01, 2014

my iPod touch

This is why I love the iPod touch so much. It has everything I could ever want. I love the apple products because of its quality! It may cost a whole lot more than android phones but it is stable. It is way expensive to own them. It is my dream to own an apple laptop or an iPhone. But I did get an iPad last year and that's the closest I could get to the amazing apple laptop. It makes life easier. 

But still I wish Malaysia has more than one sole Internet provider. Other broadbands are worthless! Why pay up through your nose and all you get is rubbish? I live in a neighbourhood that is under the worst Internet provider ever, which is Maxis. There is no need to trash talking but I just wanted to let it all out. I hope one fine day, it will come true. I need the unifi so bad if only Maxis could only back the hell out and just let us have normal Internet like everybody else in the world.

In conclusion... I love Apple products!