Saturday, November 01, 2014

my iPod touch

This is why I love the iPod touch so much. It has everything I could ever want. I love the apple products because of its quality! It may cost a whole lot more than android phones but it is stable. It is way expensive to own them. It is my dream to own an apple laptop or an iPhone. But I did get an iPad last year and that's the closest I could get to the amazing apple laptop. It makes life easier. 

But still I wish Malaysia has more than one sole Internet provider. Other broadbands are worthless! Why pay up through your nose and all you get is rubbish? I live in a neighbourhood that is under the worst Internet provider ever, which is Maxis. There is no need to trash talking but I just wanted to let it all out. I hope one fine day, it will come true. I need the unifi so bad if only Maxis could only back the hell out and just let us have normal Internet like everybody else in the world.

In conclusion... I love Apple products!

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