Friday, October 31, 2014

Being Nice

I was watching the Vampire Diaries ( I am madly in love with the show). Damon and Bonnie were stuck in different dimension and they were trying to get out but there is this pyscho Warlock hindering their escape. But then there is the moment when Damon escaped but Bonnie didn't.

In general, how a good heart person always being the one suffering but they also feel happy at the same time because they're doing it for the happiness of others.

I felt like I have been through the exact feeling all the time. No matter what I've done for people, they seem to ALWAYS send me back on the side once they've proceed with their life. And whenever they fall, they'll ask you to pull them back up and the cycle will repeat itself until they no longer need you.

It is hard to be the good person. People always said,

"I wish I have someone who would listen to me or someone to lend a shoulder to cry on."

But when they do, they will just throw you back into the ditch and just leave you with without doing the same thing whenever you need someone to express your feelings.

I am sick of being nice!

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