Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Obsessions

I could  download stuff based on my schedules I have posted on the side of my laptop. I would not go for the quality much since I have such limited connection to the Internet. Haha! I need to update the list soon because there were more shows.

The Walking Dead

It is one of the best shows on TV and I was not even a fan to begin with. I have always into a lot of shows and a lot of my friends have told me to check it out but I was into other shows and my connections to the Internet was pretty limit. But my sister-in-law has brought me into a whole new world of apocalypses and I was hooked ever since thanks to the marathon shows on Astro. But now I just download them according to the list, to remind me to be more savvy of my data usage.

The Vampire Diaries

This is another show I could not live without! The emotions from this show has brought me into the next level - which is I was easily inspired to write more. I was a huge fan of the book series and now they have brought it to life and the characters are just divine. And not many know this but there are A LOT of great music being feature in this show and it is yet another reason why you should watch the show. Each music portrays certain scene perfectly! Do not take my word for it, I recommend you to watch it, even if you're not a fan of vampires.

The Originals

Now do not even get me started on this one, it is on its second season but with a twist! It is the spin of show to The Vampire Diaries. Some of the lead characters of The Originals were on The Vampire Diaries. Yay more Vampires for me.

More shows I am currently watching simultaneously 

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