Graphic Request

Please follow some of the rules and steps below before commenting on your request.

Each person is only allowed to request "one edit" per week (Mon to Fri only). And I will only make 5 request per week, so if you are the 6th person to request, your request will only be forwarded to the following week. The edits will not be precise according to your desire so before commenting your request below. The shapes and designs may vary from the ones I am going to make. Please think it through before making one. I have the right to stop receiving request. 

Feel free to ask me any Question.

Anyone is allowed to request but you must be following this blog "poetessemo".

These are examples of some of the graphics I make:
(Visit my Tumblr Graphic page to check on more previous ones I make)

A simple graphic focuses main on your url.

An example of a fansign/billboard like to advertise your blog

Cute badge for your blog url with mostly random cute dolls or pngs

Fashion edits - your blog url with random fashion models or celebrities

Graphic Badge - detailed edits to focus a lot on promoting your blog

Grunge / Vintage Graphics.

That is all I have to offer for now. You can always see examples on my links page.

Please copy and paste and fill in the form below, thank you.
Temporary Official form: (haha konon la :D )

Blog url / or other text option:
Type of edits:
Colour Schemes:
Preferred celebrities or artist:
Animated or non-animated:

Other than that I will just add in to suit the design.

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Liyana said...

thanks sis :) I think I just need to drop here right ? hehe

Blog url / or other text option:

Type of edits: banner / badge for my blog :3

Colour Schemes: prefer pastel colour ; light purple

Preferred celebrities or artist: Justin Bieber ; but I don't like to show his full face . maybe his back or just half of his face

Animated or non-animated: animated .

*sis can design as you like and sorry if my request burden you. hee