Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photoshop of the Day!!

I am inspired to create an Immortal Princess.

"she is an heir to the dark throne,
dance all night and pray for life,
so wick your candle and stand by her side,
or kneel down like the others,
who never got to survive through the night..."

Alsa Haslinda © 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Photoshop of the day!

this is my Latest Photoshop blend and I am loving it! I wanted it to be larger but I am not going to do so until I know how to blend in more images. I name is Buried Love, based on my poetry. Enjoy!

poetry - Buried Love

I am lying on a cold stone feeling its breeze,
As I felt the rain is threatening me with a chilling tease,
The soul of my love ones is buried inside,
As my heart tells me truth that has been buried,
I finally cried, without having you by my side,
As my world has now collide but the pain is buried,
My heart is telling me that you will always be mine,
and the pain that was buried in my mind,
Is reminding me to keep staying alive and all I care is to have you in my arms
all I care is to have you comforting me with your charms

Although the past is no longer here, I felt your arms were holding me tight
I hear your voices holding my tears as I dared myself to touch
The once cold bare surface that has made you such
The desire to seek and to desire to love you
I solemnly keep

I’d love it if I could hold you once again
The promised you have made for loving me so
That you’d never let me go
Since you have passed
It had made my life turned ice blue
And then I fell down to the ground, worrying if I could have ever found
The same old you in the future, worrying If I could feel the desire
To love again but to my dearest sweetheart
I will always love you

I had to leave you now, leaving you miles away
As I’ve tried to turn and look back
There will be no other way for you to come back
I will always love you and I will not stop saying this
Until it is my turn to be among your midst

Alsa Haslinda © 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cameron Highlands

Despite of everything that is happening to me, I was grateful that my principle, Doreen brought us to the Cameron Highlands last week and it was like speed fun where we were racing for an Amazing Race reality TV. We were given a certain time to take photos and go all crazy! I enjoyed it so much with my friends. I wish we could have stayed longer and maybe next time. I was however disappointed of what Cameron has become. The roads were terrible and most terrains were manage poorly and it was not as cold as it use to. I remembered when I was little, it was the coldest I have ever felt but now, it was just okay. Here are some shots of our glorious day! We were pretty rebellious lah. Hahaha Well witness our inner childhood. 

Life must go on...

I haven’t been on much for a couple of reasons and one of them is not at all good news. I couldn’t believe it but it is happening. I do not know what to do or say and I wish it happen to me instead. It has been such a sad month for our family and it is hard to keep this in me. It is happening to the person I love so much and the thought of loosing someone who means more than a world is just too painful. I can’t loose him. I need him. Ya Allah, please ease this aching heart. You are the one I can count on. I love him *cries*.
I am so sorry if I haven’t been on and I guess I will not post much but you are welcome to unfollow me, I couldn’t care less any more and I will not feel a thing about it. My life has now turned into something more important than the amount of followers. I used to care…. I don’t care.

*cries* *cries*

Thursday, May 07, 2015

more Taka gif from One Ok Rock

I am not going to lie to you but I am really in love with this band. It is more of a fan of their music especially their lead vocal. I am not swooning over whether they are hot or not but it is purely for the love of music. When I first heard of them last year, I can't get them out of my head. They have brought something new to the table and I love the fact that they're mixing both Japanese and English to make it all so much interesting. I love it when they sing live especially whenever they did acoustic sessions. Well it is almost 1am and I need to wake up early in the morning for work because I couldn't wait til the weekend to get this GIF done. I see I do not have readers at all but I guess it is fun to be able to blog again. I miss it so much and how this time, it will help me to be a better writer (which I am not - obviously). My blog is not about the design or fame but to share out what I am most passionate about. I love making Photoshop stuff and I hope to be doing this for a long time.

Pouring Out

"I walk upon you with an ease,
as I am crossing over to other side,
with nothing but fear in my life,
I am walking through the darkest place,
searching for answers, for me to stay awake,
as the hands below reaching upon myself,
wanting to devour me with bitterness and hate...

It is destined that this journey, will last forever,
A journey filled with hardship and obstacle,
I am destined, for you to look down on me,
While I sit here and do nothing, crying on my knees,
I am destined for great things, I am destined for something,
But you will always be there, to belittle me,
You will always be there to stop me,
I am destined for bright future, a future full of hope,
that you will always be there too if you could,
taunting me with tricks in your sleeves,
but you will not ever stop me
even when I am crying, and could no longer breathe..."

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Crazy world --- Welcome to my Life

Why is it so hard sometimes to be vocal and yet people assume you are some blabber-mouthy-person? And if the others were to be doing the same thing, their opinions were considered okay? It is okay for them to be more vocal than usual and whenever I suggest something, I was called upon and I was being told I was not a team player. The world is totally against me! Why Ya Allah? Why?

I have worked for almost 11 years and my opinions were always considered useless. I always feel useless too but my family will always be around to comfort me. But I can't always rely on my family to solve the problems at work. I mean, the problems were created by the others! This always happens since I was young.

I wish my dad was still here, he was the heart and soul of my life and when he passed, I was pretty devastated. I thought I have this hole in my body. I was much closer with my dad and he was always around to give me great advices. It was when I started writing, A LOT!

It was my destiny to meet people I loathe than meeting people who loves me for me. Yeah, friends will be there, they will wish you Birthday wishes, reminded by Facebook notifications but what about friends who will always be there? 

Family is all I have... I am bless to have them but then again... I have "These" people to live in hell on Earth