Friday, May 29, 2015

poetry - Buried Love

I am lying on a cold stone feeling its breeze,
As I felt the rain is threatening me with a chilling tease,
The soul of my love ones is buried inside,
As my heart tells me truth that has been buried,
I finally cried, without having you by my side,
As my world has now collide but the pain is buried,
My heart is telling me that you will always be mine,
and the pain that was buried in my mind,
Is reminding me to keep staying alive and all I care is to have you in my arms
all I care is to have you comforting me with your charms

Although the past is no longer here, I felt your arms were holding me tight
I hear your voices holding my tears as I dared myself to touch
The once cold bare surface that has made you such
The desire to seek and to desire to love you
I solemnly keep

I’d love it if I could hold you once again
The promised you have made for loving me so
That you’d never let me go
Since you have passed
It had made my life turned ice blue
And then I fell down to the ground, worrying if I could have ever found
The same old you in the future, worrying If I could feel the desire
To love again but to my dearest sweetheart
I will always love you

I had to leave you now, leaving you miles away
As I’ve tried to turn and look back
There will be no other way for you to come back
I will always love you and I will not stop saying this
Until it is my turn to be among your midst

Alsa Haslinda © 2015

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