Monday, October 09, 2017

Flow the Big Book of Drawing!

Ever since I was introduced to the Flow magazine from The Netherlands, I've always wanted to get a glimpse of what is inside. And this year itself a dear friend of mine gave me a Flow book (below) for paper lovers, I determine to get whatever special edition they have and I finally get my hands on a drawing book. I will not do a flip through here though because I do not have good camera but you can always watch YouTube videos on them. I bought it from the Borders at the Curve and it cost about RM110 :). I was glad I save up to get it and I am looking forward for the book 5 for paper lovers. I wish I could get my hands on previous books but I guess it is imposible.

Friday, August 04, 2017


In this new age of the Internet, people are so succumbed by their mobile phones and high tech gadgets. But I have always love to write and it did not matter whether it is a poem or a prose, I still love to write just by using a pen and a piece of paper. I will always find time to write even just one sentence.

From my love friend in Turkey and she is Tugba

From my lovely local friend, Farah :) Yes I write to my local Malaysian friends too

I used to write to a lot of pen-pals when I was in high school but I had to quit due to lack of time and I was still a student and I could not afford the postage at that time but a couple of years ago, I manage to get back to writing to new pen-pals especially to international friends. I couldn't believe it and jumped into the chance to meet new people. It was like I was reliving the old days. It was through the Instagram when I first saw some posts on snail-mail. But I felt intimidated because they were so beautiful! Snail-mailing has evolve vastly and as I remembered it clearly, it wasn't always that pretty.

So now I like to challenge myself to create nice mail art of my own and didn't want to make it too obvious that I copy them from the others. It is more like being inspired instead. So I like to get these beautiful paper design pads I purchase online.

I guess that's all about my love on snail-mail. I hope to be good at managing my letters though and send them out as soon as they got in. I have the tendencies to send them way too late. If you happened to stumble upon this blog, feel free to check on my Instagram at @poetessemo and DM me to be your new penpal. I am currently still looking for more penpals worldwide and hopefully I can find penpals from mostly Europe and the Balkan countries but everyone is welcome of course. 

Female penpals only!
preferable if you above 18 years of age.
Sorry but no male penpals :D

These are some beautiful ephemera for my journal and penpals.