Monday, September 29, 2014

Fansign for the Day

I made this for a fellow tumblr. I hope she will like it. There will be more designs will be added into my edits. Only if y'all would like to see more. Comment and I will get to it :) I am not accepting that many requests for now because I do not want to commit to it. It will take a lot of time to make it. Resources that were used to make these edits do not belong to me.

Tell me what you think.

Contact me at Facebook if you're not from Tumblr and you would like me to make you one :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend - Hanging out while stuffin!

Treating my niece for a cake or two at Secret Recipe! :) I love the weekend and it is almost over! I wish it could be Sunday forever!!

Photoshop WIP

I really love Photoshop and the reason is not to be famous but to be the artist I could NEVER become. I have always love Art but I do not have the talent. I never knew about the Photoshop until 2005 when I determine to learn it myself. I watch videos and read A WHOLE lot of tutorials provided my many professional artist. I do not consider myself a true artist, I am just an art editor. I edit arts and manipulate them to my liking.

I then found deviantart and that is where I teach myself how to utilize the tools in Photoshop. I am not as good as other editors yet. I have yet know how to edit my own theme according to my liking as well. I have not found any tutorials on them yet. Feel free to click through all my links and to check out my edits and fan -arts. Please let me know what you think! :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Obsession

Harry Potter is still an obsession after all these years. These two GIFs were edited by me, ayujaded.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alice In Wonderland

These sheets were scan from a memo pad I bought years ago from Hong Kong and I never use it until now. It is, like I said, hard to find cute but cheap memo pads around and when I do, I will damn sure to get a whole bunch of them. I have other scans on my tumblr blog, and they were also from some of my collections. I will post them here from time to time. Enjoy!

The love of my Life

Sharing more photos from my instagram account. Did I mentioned I love her so much? I am looking forward for her to go to kindergarten next year, at the same school I am teaching. :) I wish for her to get the education she will need growing up. I am so bless with this little miss cutie pie.

Scanned memo sheets from Daiso

I am totally obsessed with memo pads and unfortunately it is hard to get them in other stores except from Daiso and that I need to travel out of town to get them. Here are some memo sheets for y'all.
Enjoy! I will scan more in the future. I do not own them and credits go to their respectful owner.

**the above are from Daiso

Thursday, September 18, 2014

my little star

She is my Niece, Qaleisya. She is such a joy brought into our life. I watched her grow up and time passes by so fast. If only my dad could see how wonderful she has been! I miss my dad and she resembles a little bit like him whenever she smiles or laughs. Allah has bless us with a wonderful family and I am striving to keep it healthy too! I haven't told anyone about what I am currently into... it is a secret though :) and not many people know about it. I tend to keep it that way. I do not wish for a whole lot but to stay strong and be strong.

"she is our joy, we live to love
and she is our life, that you cannot toy.."

a new gif

I finally made a new gif :) I have some spare time to edit a simple one and boy do I miss it! And of course non other than my favourite performer, Ayumi Hamasaki. 

**gif belongs to me, ayujaded

Friday, September 12, 2014

escaped soul

** gif was made by me, ayujaded

I've spent my life
Years on earth
Upon the darkest sky

No one would ever know
The reason why

I've cherished all the years
To stay away, from the darkness
Of your falling grace
Let the letters in my speech
To decode all my hate

I will see you fall on your knees
You dare to tell my soul to wait
For what you've done to me
And now I shall not debate
As I've reached upon, my highest patience
For me to kill you away

Bless you
And I do not mind
To be blamed

No one would ever know
The reason why
No one would ever know
The blood in my teary cry

Alsa Haslinda (c) Copyright 2014

refuse to go

This was inspired by the movie "the lovely bones" too much evil in the world but then karma comes crashing in..


and her life ends here
watching her love from afar
every inch feels like a mile
and every mile
feels like a thousand light years away
she's astray in between life and death
not knowing when she had her last breath

"the flowery fields with dove,
yield my nature's heath,
as your child is sicken by the patrons
of your world, I simply can't believe"

"take me as you wish," she said.
and she shall stay tacit
and not a sound nor gaze,
shall leave her grace

and yet she stays obscured,
as she looked away,
not wanting to see
as the light has now begin to disappear
and it is darkening my whole world
you made it such, a living hell
as no one knew you well, the will to make you fall
is the greatest hope of all
soon we'll meet and we shall soon have a brawl
and we shall see who will win it all and stands tall

Alsa Haslinda (c) Copyright 2014

Sunday, September 07, 2014

missing wings

** the GIF above was made by me © ayujaded

Misty forest, seek upon my missing love
with broken wings, sent from the above
Doth thy mention his name, for him to home came?
The coldness of winter shoves off this sin
a sin of those who kills to win

where is the love of my beloved darling?

He was hidden from me, into the darkness deep within
Though sins are only to those who despise for who you are
But my inner heart of saints, will overcome the sins of your kind
Give him back to me wherever he was kept
For you’ll sure to feel my darkest wrath

Where is the love of my beloved darling?

The Gods have mercy, please!
I missed his love, which is killing me
Slowly from my inner soul at ease
His eyes were made from gold
Filled with passion, and his heart was bold

Time is passing by; he is yet to come home
I am shivering, as this coldness
Is touching through my bones

Where is he? Where is he?
My only love is still far
Hidden from my eyes
into the shinning star

Where is the love of my beloved darling?

Alsa Haslinda © Copyright 2014


Not only I love the books, I love the movie as well. Usually they do not necessarily make the movie as good as the books and I am lazy to watch the adaptations of any of my favourite books but I gave it a chance. I am obsessed with the movie and I plan of creating crazy gifs as a tribute to it! I love it!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Poem - Dying World

image - full credit goes to X

Captured and sealed, from the wonders of all
Beyond thy life, on thousands of wall
Life was created, and to be lived
Offspring of us all, was alive since conceive
A vein of pitch green wobbles into us all
Feeling the aura, of many weaknesses
Throbbing to live, for our lovers’ many kisses
No truce to be used, and just bloody kill
To end all the worlds and confuses
These were the words; you’d killed us to kneel
No matter how it is like or to how we feel
There will be no other way
But to kill, killing the innocents
And concealed it with vengeance
That never did took place, by lying onto our face
Massacring our souls, making us devouring
Your sweet evils trace, but later hungers
Thyself with a chase, brothers and sisters of my blood
Do save us from this craze, by weeping us off
From this maze, I scared of defeat
Not through forcing, but through the beat
The beat of our hearts, in one unity
Bringing down those who has been taken our sanity
So we all could be happy, living in harmony 

Ayumi Hamasaki

Every one was into Kpop and the hyped has been around since 2000. I was very much into boybands like Backstreet boys and Nsync. I was never really familiar with Korean and I have never heard of it until I watch Autumn In My Heart. And still, it never catches my attention. While everyone was into all sorts of stuff, I love any thing to do with Japan. I love its culture, language and food. 

And then comes Ayumi Hamasaki
(**graphics with ayujaded mark on them belongs to me)

And I love the fact that I was actually into her more than any artist (unless they are Paramore - I have been to their shows twice!!) in the world. I'd rather spend my money to see her in concert because it was worthy! I have been watching all of her concerts and all of her shows and she gives nothing but great and fun shows! I wanted to be in each and every concert I see! Gaga? Beyonce? or other mainstream artist? I'll pass. 

Her songs have always been so meaningful thanks to a lot of translators out there. It is great to see there are more Ayumi fans out there. Do not take my words for it, just give her a try.