Friday, September 12, 2014

refuse to go

This was inspired by the movie "the lovely bones" too much evil in the world but then karma comes crashing in..


and her life ends here
watching her love from afar
every inch feels like a mile
and every mile
feels like a thousand light years away
she's astray in between life and death
not knowing when she had her last breath

"the flowery fields with dove,
yield my nature's heath,
as your child is sicken by the patrons
of your world, I simply can't believe"

"take me as you wish," she said.
and she shall stay tacit
and not a sound nor gaze,
shall leave her grace

and yet she stays obscured,
as she looked away,
not wanting to see
as the light has now begin to disappear
and it is darkening my whole world
you made it such, a living hell
as no one knew you well, the will to make you fall
is the greatest hope of all
soon we'll meet and we shall soon have a brawl
and we shall see who will win it all and stands tall

Alsa Haslinda (c) Copyright 2014

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