Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Poem - Dying World

image - full credit goes to X

Captured and sealed, from the wonders of all
Beyond thy life, on thousands of wall
Life was created, and to be lived
Offspring of us all, was alive since conceive
A vein of pitch green wobbles into us all
Feeling the aura, of many weaknesses
Throbbing to live, for our lovers’ many kisses
No truce to be used, and just bloody kill
To end all the worlds and confuses
These were the words; you’d killed us to kneel
No matter how it is like or to how we feel
There will be no other way
But to kill, killing the innocents
And concealed it with vengeance
That never did took place, by lying onto our face
Massacring our souls, making us devouring
Your sweet evils trace, but later hungers
Thyself with a chase, brothers and sisters of my blood
Do save us from this craze, by weeping us off
From this maze, I scared of defeat
Not through forcing, but through the beat
The beat of our hearts, in one unity
Bringing down those who has been taken our sanity
So we all could be happy, living in harmony 

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