Sunday, September 07, 2014

missing wings

** the GIF above was made by me © ayujaded

Misty forest, seek upon my missing love
with broken wings, sent from the above
Doth thy mention his name, for him to home came?
The coldness of winter shoves off this sin
a sin of those who kills to win

where is the love of my beloved darling?

He was hidden from me, into the darkness deep within
Though sins are only to those who despise for who you are
But my inner heart of saints, will overcome the sins of your kind
Give him back to me wherever he was kept
For you’ll sure to feel my darkest wrath

Where is the love of my beloved darling?

The Gods have mercy, please!
I missed his love, which is killing me
Slowly from my inner soul at ease
His eyes were made from gold
Filled with passion, and his heart was bold

Time is passing by; he is yet to come home
I am shivering, as this coldness
Is touching through my bones

Where is he? Where is he?
My only love is still far
Hidden from my eyes
into the shinning star

Where is the love of my beloved darling?

Alsa Haslinda © Copyright 2014

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