Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki

Every one was into Kpop and the hyped has been around since 2000. I was very much into boybands like Backstreet boys and Nsync. I was never really familiar with Korean and I have never heard of it until I watch Autumn In My Heart. And still, it never catches my attention. While everyone was into all sorts of stuff, I love any thing to do with Japan. I love its culture, language and food. 

And then comes Ayumi Hamasaki
(**graphics with ayujaded mark on them belongs to me)

And I love the fact that I was actually into her more than any artist (unless they are Paramore - I have been to their shows twice!!) in the world. I'd rather spend my money to see her in concert because it was worthy! I have been watching all of her concerts and all of her shows and she gives nothing but great and fun shows! I wanted to be in each and every concert I see! Gaga? Beyonce? or other mainstream artist? I'll pass. 

Her songs have always been so meaningful thanks to a lot of translators out there. It is great to see there are more Ayumi fans out there. Do not take my words for it, just give her a try.

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