Saturday, December 05, 2015

My new A5 journal

So I have been journaling since August and the experiences have been really amazing. I recently bought a really cool journal from a local duo call Bnottee and it is really great! I can now write lengthy poems and thoughts. I met the team from Bnottee earlier today and it has been such a pleasure but of course they were so busy, I didn't want to bother them much. I met Edmund and Maple and of course E-Jie. I didn't get the other person's name but he was really nice.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Journal Entry 2

These journal entries will be posted randomly because they were already posted on my Instagram. This time is all about my family! Family... You mean so much to me. I love you

Though most of my IG friends are more into planners and stuff, we have one thing in common which is art. We all have our own resources and it depends on our own creativity on how we decorate them. I try not to focus much on buying too many of them like washi tapes, stickers and other stuff though. It is such a costly lifestyle. I've only been into writing journal for a couple of months, already I am broke to my bones. I always try to be on diy mode in any way I can. I use a lot of fabric tape instead and surprisingly they are way much affordable than the Washi tapes. 

I love vintage style prints and these brown paper covers were taken out of the regular exercise books. I find vintage prints are just so intoxicating for its individuality. They're like no other. If you are wondering, you can always find them on either Pinterest or Worldlabel 

This is a journal entry with one of my poems call Broken Heroes

Journal Entry 1

Hello!!! I am here to show you the content of my journal. I started journal when I was in school. I never knew the world of journal could be so costly. Back then, it was just about cutting through the magazines of my favourite bands and that was it. But when I started to write poetry as the age of 17 or so, those things do not matter anymore. I started to rely on words that are pouring out of me like crazy. If you write, especially poetry please share them with me.

I bought a fabricdori about a couple of months ago and it was a pretty slow start. It is similar to a Midori Traveler’s Notebook but affordable. I guess I have only one item on my wishlist and that is to get it a mtn next year In Sya Allah. I also started to but the tools of all trade to kick off my journaling and it doesn’t come cheap. It is an expensive world. I plan on getting a new phone but a mtn would be perfect since I am pretty much got sucked into it. Who knows what other interest might come to me. I guess that is all for now :) good night and have a nice weekend! More blog posts and photos from my daily journal entry. Take care! xoxo Alsa

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Freebies for the Day!

These are scans from one of my clear stamp sheets. I like to scan them before I use them. Enjoy!

Credits are unnecessary but it would be nice to comment before saving them.

** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **

** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **

** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **

** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **

** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **** ~~~~ ** ~~~~ **

Monday, September 14, 2015

How I feel??

There it goes it again,

the pain got out through my gut,
pulling them away from my body,
and then I feel numb,
everything is dead but my mind,
it still talks to me just as I want out,
away from this painful feeling!
I wanted to run but I couldn't
blood gushing out like water
As I could no longer feel wanted
What's the point of being good?
what is good the be a saint?
What is good in all that?
Tell me!

I hope this clear it all out!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photoshop of the Day!!

I am inspired to create an Immortal Princess.

"she is an heir to the dark throne,
dance all night and pray for life,
so wick your candle and stand by her side,
or kneel down like the others,
who never got to survive through the night..."

Alsa Haslinda © 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Photoshop of the day!

this is my Latest Photoshop blend and I am loving it! I wanted it to be larger but I am not going to do so until I know how to blend in more images. I name is Buried Love, based on my poetry. Enjoy!

poetry - Buried Love

I am lying on a cold stone feeling its breeze,
As I felt the rain is threatening me with a chilling tease,
The soul of my love ones is buried inside,
As my heart tells me truth that has been buried,
I finally cried, without having you by my side,
As my world has now collide but the pain is buried,
My heart is telling me that you will always be mine,
and the pain that was buried in my mind,
Is reminding me to keep staying alive and all I care is to have you in my arms
all I care is to have you comforting me with your charms

Although the past is no longer here, I felt your arms were holding me tight
I hear your voices holding my tears as I dared myself to touch
The once cold bare surface that has made you such
The desire to seek and to desire to love you
I solemnly keep

I’d love it if I could hold you once again
The promised you have made for loving me so
That you’d never let me go
Since you have passed
It had made my life turned ice blue
And then I fell down to the ground, worrying if I could have ever found
The same old you in the future, worrying If I could feel the desire
To love again but to my dearest sweetheart
I will always love you

I had to leave you now, leaving you miles away
As I’ve tried to turn and look back
There will be no other way for you to come back
I will always love you and I will not stop saying this
Until it is my turn to be among your midst

Alsa Haslinda © 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cameron Highlands

Despite of everything that is happening to me, I was grateful that my principle, Doreen brought us to the Cameron Highlands last week and it was like speed fun where we were racing for an Amazing Race reality TV. We were given a certain time to take photos and go all crazy! I enjoyed it so much with my friends. I wish we could have stayed longer and maybe next time. I was however disappointed of what Cameron has become. The roads were terrible and most terrains were manage poorly and it was not as cold as it use to. I remembered when I was little, it was the coldest I have ever felt but now, it was just okay. Here are some shots of our glorious day! We were pretty rebellious lah. Hahaha Well witness our inner childhood.