Thursday, October 11, 2018

I just love journaling

I have not been updating for a while and I just wanted to share my latest journal entries, and postcards I've been sending my friends, I wish I have more time with my crafty stuff. 

Saturday, August 04, 2018

My Solitude

Medora - excerpt (short story)

Fiction Art By ayujaded
The Present...

Dear Diary... 3rd August 3045

The date is not even relevant to the place I am currently living but we'll get to that some other time,

So there is this guy that I like. He is a Prince though and he might not like me because, come on, there are other hotter girls and he would prefer them than me. He is used to the pretty girls being lined up like the Sunday's buffet. He is in a world of rich and famous and he is from the royal family.

Tyler Ralle Keze... That's his name.

I am just a plain Jane from Earth, dreaming of becoming big. It is a tough world for me to live in because i am not much of a hero type. I do not like to pick a fight and I am always focusing on returning back to Earth. If I like a guy, I might fall for him but that is not why I am here.

I had to leave Earth because I am still underage and I was forced to tag along and like as if I can't stay with Aunt Veronica. My parents just have to bring me and end my life as it is. A perfect but simple life on Earth. 


It is probably just a crush and it is pretty normal I guess. A lot of his friends are into some of my friends too. It is like they have never seen girls like us. How different can the girls here be? Do girls from Medora has antenna on their heads that we do not know about? They look pretty much the same to me.

The boys here are more mature than the boys on Earth. They are more polite and nice and what a bunch of gentlemen. They are around 18 to 22 years old. Way older than me for sure. My dad would kill me even thinking about it then he will float me off to space…. when it comes to boys, he will step in and will loose his head.

It is the dual weather now, where 3 suns align to form a hotter climate but it is cold and windy at the same time, hence the dual weather. I am so good at this. I paid attention in my Medorian 101 class. I do not know when will I return back to Earth. My whole life is in New York and my whole heart and soul belongs on Earth. 

I hate it here and it is too late to give my parents the silent treatments. If I could make a wish, I'd wish to be back into my room and just stay grounded.

But then again, he talked to me earlier this week. 

Friday, August 03, 2018

feeling nothing but useless

I feel like a fool being used as a tool and one minute I am here and another minute there from this gut renching heart of mine. I didnt mean to be this way. I do not want to feel this way and I do not want people to think I am this way because the truth is who I am. I want not to live anymore not because of who I am but because I fail myself and everybody. Every single time I dissapoint myself, it is on other people expense. Am I that worthless? Am I such a loser? I am sure hell are all of those things. I hated myself for being this lazy everyone claim me to be. Yes I am lazy and I'd rather walk on a plank to hell if that would sattisfy everyone. And I'd kill myself now if everyone don't seem to mind. Maybe when I am gone, only they will have nothing to say or fight about? Maybe God will take my life first and that will save everybody some trouble and that they can lead their happy and normal life. It is like as though having me around is makes the black plaque return and killing everybody as I speak. Why bother living when I feel this way every single day. I do not want to impress anyone. I just want them to talk to me. I just want them to come to me and talk! And not pass judgement thinking I would feel offended. I feel like all I am was this dark and tall wall that they could not reach. I have a door for you to come in and talk but no... They prefer to talk behind my back and they prefer to leave my heart broken by not telling me and I had to find out from someone else. I could do this for hours but I will not. It is not even worth typing these words if they are true. I just swallow them all and let them die with me. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Monday, October 09, 2017

Flow the Big Book of Drawing!

Ever since I was introduced to the Flow magazine from The Netherlands, I've always wanted to get a glimpse of what is inside. And this year itself a dear friend of mine gave me a Flow book (below) for paper lovers, I determine to get whatever special edition they have and I finally get my hands on a drawing book. I will not do a flip through here though because I do not have good camera but you can always watch YouTube videos on them. I bought it from the Borders at the Curve and it cost about RM110 :). I was glad I save up to get it and I am looking forward for the book 5 for paper lovers. I wish I could get my hands on previous books but I guess it is imposible.

Friday, August 04, 2017


In this new age of the Internet, people are so succumbed by their mobile phones and high tech gadgets. But I have always love to write and it did not matter whether it is a poem or a prose, I still love to write just by using a pen and a piece of paper. I will always find time to write even just one sentence.

From my love friend in Turkey and she is Tugba

From my lovely local friend, Farah :) Yes I write to my local Malaysian friends too

I used to write to a lot of pen-pals when I was in high school but I had to quit due to lack of time and I was still a student and I could not afford the postage at that time but a couple of years ago, I manage to get back to writing to new pen-pals especially to international friends. I couldn't believe it and jumped into the chance to meet new people. It was like I was reliving the old days. It was through the Instagram when I first saw some posts on snail-mail. But I felt intimidated because they were so beautiful! Snail-mailing has evolve vastly and as I remembered it clearly, it wasn't always that pretty.

So now I like to challenge myself to create nice mail art of my own and didn't want to make it too obvious that I copy them from the others. It is more like being inspired instead. So I like to get these beautiful paper design pads I purchase online.

I guess that's all about my love on snail-mail. I hope to be good at managing my letters though and send them out as soon as they got in. I have the tendencies to send them way too late. If you happened to stumble upon this blog, feel free to check on my Instagram at @poetessemo and DM me to be your new penpal. I am currently still looking for more penpals worldwide and hopefully I can find penpals from mostly Europe and the Balkan countries but everyone is welcome of course. 

Female penpals only!
preferable if you above 18 years of age.
Sorry but no male penpals :D

These are some beautiful ephemera for my journal and penpals.

Friday, June 24, 2016

My Fiction : Northern Land of Karshla Ralle

As I whisked myself onto the journey to the north, an ancient land of my forefathers birth were true as told by many seers in our village. It has been buried down in the center of planet Furlary centuries ago and it has been foretold a leader, followers and the innocents were to be return back to their rightful land but as we stomped with our blistering feet to our land we are dying to have and steeping down hill, feeling the thorns of the river rocks plunging into our paws as we walk, we were being shadowed by a bright hot sun. As sword and halo-blade rod on my back hungers for evil but it shall wait as innocents were to bare by our hands. “How far are we lass? Thou shall know the little ones seek to rest. Could ye pity these children?” asked Darla, a mother of 2. It took me a while to answer if I am to be a leader. It is nigh dawn as I felt the exhaustion in my body. “That we shall do now and let us all gather wood. We have a mile to go until we reached the ship and it will forever lead thee to freedom! Shall ye say living to us and let the Gods of Krasna bless us with goodness!” I said with love. We closed our eyes to the medley of prayers in with both of our hands resting peacefully on out chests.

Three days ago I could hear groans from tired little children to the poor citizens that have been walking for days! It took me years for them to make them believe for what I have foreseen in my dreams. It finally came immanent that the seers had it foretold before but never have they tried to yield the truth because according to the legend told by the villagers, evil karma will roam innocents in our village in this planet and they seek bodies of young-lings from the age of 5 years old to possess them. It is to destroy every trace of human kinds since men started venture out of the ancient earth. It is the year of 5930 and I am now at age 20 and 6. I was never a gifted child whilst others glares as I was a bastards child, yield from hell as they threw glares of hate onto the eyes of my mother who I love and mine. The villagers soon accepted me after years of insult they blindly pointed but their hearts has forgotten my past as for who I was but for who I am now a warrior they are relying on as we were on our journey to freedom and shall Krasna bless us goodness and shall he hear our plead to a never ending peace. As we await the awaken of the great dusk of day, I sworn to myself I shall bring them safe to the Northern Land of Karshla Ralle, the birth of many Krasna holders before...

Poetessemo © Copyright 2016 Alsa Haslinda All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the consent of Alsa Haslinda

My Fiction : Westlera

Shall the young ones throw hatred, wanting to kill those who breed; I could never find words to stop it. As I walked onto the sandy beaches thinking of what the world has become. Soon whilst taking pictures of isles that surrounds me, I weep! I had love from father dearest and for I would do anything to have him come back but it is faith and for God loved him more but for now my eyes hurt so bad through the many evil I have witnessed and why the world so cruel? Why must there be hatred among parents? Why they cannot just live through it all and although it is true though some parents may be evil themselves but most should be loved and as these answers will always remained questioned! The sky was bright and my toes intertwined with the sand below me as the waves splashed up shore. 'Louisa, for the sun will not shine on you even though you bury yourself to slay. Shall thee have faith in the world for evil will always be defeated,' said Lirai, brushing on the rods of those who she has killed. 'No warriors think the same, dear cousin. We cannot think the way the do and hope evil will just kneel down and ask for our mercy!' I said with pride for I seek for evil and thus I shall not wait for death to come rolling when you can prevent it by deceasing them first hand.

Poetessemo © Copyright 2016 Alsa Haslinda All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the consent of Alsa Haslinda