Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Crazy world --- Welcome to my Life

Why is it so hard sometimes to be vocal and yet people assume you are some blabber-mouthy-person? And if the others were to be doing the same thing, their opinions were considered okay? It is okay for them to be more vocal than usual and whenever I suggest something, I was called upon and I was being told I was not a team player. The world is totally against me! Why Ya Allah? Why?

I have worked for almost 11 years and my opinions were always considered useless. I always feel useless too but my family will always be around to comfort me. But I can't always rely on my family to solve the problems at work. I mean, the problems were created by the others! This always happens since I was young.

I wish my dad was still here, he was the heart and soul of my life and when he passed, I was pretty devastated. I thought I have this hole in my body. I was much closer with my dad and he was always around to give me great advices. It was when I started writing, A LOT!

It was my destiny to meet people I loathe than meeting people who loves me for me. Yeah, friends will be there, they will wish you Birthday wishes, reminded by Facebook notifications but what about friends who will always be there? 

Family is all I have... I am bless to have them but then again... I have "These" people to live in hell on Earth

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