Monday, May 25, 2015

Life must go on...

I haven’t been on much for a couple of reasons and one of them is not at all good news. I couldn’t believe it but it is happening. I do not know what to do or say and I wish it happen to me instead. It has been such a sad month for our family and it is hard to keep this in me. It is happening to the person I love so much and the thought of loosing someone who means more than a world is just too painful. I can’t loose him. I need him. Ya Allah, please ease this aching heart. You are the one I can count on. I love him *cries*.
I am so sorry if I haven’t been on and I guess I will not post much but you are welcome to unfollow me, I couldn’t care less any more and I will not feel a thing about it. My life has now turned into something more important than the amount of followers. I used to care…. I don’t care.

*cries* *cries*

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