Tuesday, October 21, 2014

12 Years has passed

A picture of my late-father - on a Ferry to Penang
Al - Fatihah - to our Papa.
It has been 12 years since he has passed away. He was a loving dad and will do just anything for his children. He provide every thing for his children, which is love. I do not get why most youngsters these days are not appreciative of their parents. Although I have lost one, I still have my mother. The other half of my perfect family. I wish he could now see how our family has grown. How he will love my niece, as much as we love her. There isn't a day gone by, that I have not think of him. He is the person to talk to and he is the person will always be there all through tough time. I do not talk about him much but It is about time for me to blog about it. I do not usually blog about this sort of thing.

The sacrifices, the time, the efforts and kindness he has done to people, have made him strong. They were too many haters along our life time and he will always remind us not to care but to care for ourselves. Be selfish and only care among ourselves, among our family. There is no need for us to dwell into the pass and suck in all the negativity. People do suck, so he said so let them be. We only have our life to care about. I miss him so damn much!

He has gone away too soon but at least he doesn't have to go through all the suffering. Allah has love him more and we redha but he will always be in our Hearts. He has suffer a lot both in life and health but he manage to keep our spirits up high.

Al - Fatihah

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