Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Welcome to my VIP page

This is a page dedicated to the bloggers I will meet throughout my time here on blogger. So far, I have met two amazing bloggers who have been so kind upon my returning to blogger. They have been so sweet and just super friendly and put up with my constant spamming. Haha. This will be a temporary page until I custom a new one once I have a bunch of them. I have a bunch of them on my Tumblr page too and they've been such dolls and most of them I've known for years. I would like to make more friends along the way here too


These are the benefits upon being listed into my VIP page.


My VIP Friends

  • They deserve to request any types of fan-signs, graphics, gifts or any type of edits they see or desire.
  • They’ve been supporting me for the longest time and I am thankful for their friendship!
  • And I dedicate this page for them.
  • DO NOT ask anyone on my VIP list to request a graphic on your behalf. I will not entertain.
  • Graphic requests are no longer available to the public or other followers.
  • More rules will be added until further notice.
These are the VIPs


Thank you for your support. This is only a temporary page until I could find a suitable one or until I figure out how blogger works.

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BudakVanilla said...

thankss kak alsa. really appreciate it. :D