Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Series 5 - Immanent Suffering (Dark Series)

My Photoshop Work for the day.
DO NOT STEAL this image for its copyright protected.

"Doors are wide open, by the evil menace,
And they are back, to curse upon my entire race,
My heart collide, and then I cried,
As I have tried, not to put my brain to rest,
I don’t want to feel the pain, the evil in you is making me insane,
It could never go away, no happiness left to stay,
no more game, by this aching eyes,
that can’t be tame

Smokes upon many surfaces, has made me gone mad,
As I’ve tried reaching out, reaching out for help,
Has left me falling on my knee and yelp,
I fell down, down to the ground,
As I feel bruises, with my tortured hands
By the life, that had make me feel abused
I am scared, and I feel used..."

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