Thursday, December 25, 2014

Series 4 - Destined Future (Dark Series)

"It is destined that this journey, will last forever,

A journey filled with hardship and obstacle,
I am destined, for you to look down on me,
While I sit here and do nothing, crying on my knees,
I am destined for great things, I am destined for something,
But you will always be there, to belittle me,
You will always be there to stop me,
I am destined for bright future, a future full of hope,
that you will always be there to if you could,
and you will not ever stop..."

DO NOT STEAL this image for its copyright protected. 

Here I go again making another Photoshop work and I absolutely love it how I could express myself with not only art but also my love for poetry. I am challenging myself to create art based on my love for dark poetry and dark graphics. It is not only about my journey through life but it is also about my experiences with life which I would like to share with my follow readers. We all have been through life differently and we also interpret them through writing, poetry, art work and so much more! I am planning on more challenges in the future and lets hope I will not stop here. Check out my other Dark Series below. 

Dark Series Challenge

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