Friday, June 24, 2016

My Fiction : Northern Land of Karshla Ralle

As I whisked myself onto the journey to the north, an ancient land of my forefathers birth were true as told by many seers in our village. It has been buried down in the center of planet Furlary centuries ago and it has been foretold a leader, followers and the innocents were to be return back to their rightful land but as we stomped with our blistering feet to our land we are dying to have and steeping down hill, feeling the thorns of the river rocks plunging into our paws as we walk, we were being shadowed by a bright hot sun. As sword and halo-blade rod on my back hungers for evil but it shall wait as innocents were to bare by our hands. “How far are we lass? Thou shall know the little ones seek to rest. Could ye pity these children?” asked Darla, a mother of 2. It took me a while to answer if I am to be a leader. It is nigh dawn as I felt the exhaustion in my body. “That we shall do now and let us all gather wood. We have a mile to go until we reached the ship and it will forever lead thee to freedom! Shall ye say living to us and let the Gods of Krasna bless us with goodness!” I said with love. We closed our eyes to the medley of prayers in with both of our hands resting peacefully on out chests.

Three days ago I could hear groans from tired little children to the poor citizens that have been walking for days! It took me years for them to make them believe for what I have foreseen in my dreams. It finally came immanent that the seers had it foretold before but never have they tried to yield the truth because according to the legend told by the villagers, evil karma will roam innocents in our village in this planet and they seek bodies of young-lings from the age of 5 years old to possess them. It is to destroy every trace of human kinds since men started venture out of the ancient earth. It is the year of 5930 and I am now at age 20 and 6. I was never a gifted child whilst others glares as I was a bastards child, yield from hell as they threw glares of hate onto the eyes of my mother who I love and mine. The villagers soon accepted me after years of insult they blindly pointed but their hearts has forgotten my past as for who I was but for who I am now a warrior they are relying on as we were on our journey to freedom and shall Krasna bless us goodness and shall he hear our plead to a never ending peace. As we await the awaken of the great dusk of day, I sworn to myself I shall bring them safe to the Northern Land of Karshla Ralle, the birth of many Krasna holders before...

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