Friday, June 24, 2016

My Fiction : Westlera

Shall the young ones throw hatred, wanting to kill those who breed; I could never find words to stop it. As I walked onto the sandy beaches thinking of what the world has become. Soon whilst taking pictures of isles that surrounds me, I weep! I had love from father dearest and for I would do anything to have him come back but it is faith and for God loved him more but for now my eyes hurt so bad through the many evil I have witnessed and why the world so cruel? Why must there be hatred among parents? Why they cannot just live through it all and although it is true though some parents may be evil themselves but most should be loved and as these answers will always remained questioned! The sky was bright and my toes intertwined with the sand below me as the waves splashed up shore. 'Louisa, for the sun will not shine on you even though you bury yourself to slay. Shall thee have faith in the world for evil will always be defeated,' said Lirai, brushing on the rods of those who she has killed. 'No warriors think the same, dear cousin. We cannot think the way the do and hope evil will just kneel down and ask for our mercy!' I said with pride for I seek for evil and thus I shall not wait for death to come rolling when you can prevent it by deceasing them first hand.

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